Who We Are

The company MOTEC CNC-Technik was founded in 2006 in the south of Germany for service of all kinds and with the trade of used machine tools.

Among other things, MOTEC had a close cooperation with the German machine manufacturer CHIRON from Tuttlingen in the early years.

This resulted in well over 80 retrofit project machines, which were delivered as complete solutions to well-known customers from all over the world.

In 2009, the time had come to expand our products and distribute high quality machine tools.

MOTEC 5 Large

Another milestone was the establishment of a branch office in Mexico in 2015 to support the industrial boom with our experience.

Since 2020, only MOTEC Mexico exists in the industrial heart of Queretaro and has also completely reorganized itself to meet customer requirements.

Motec Mexico Building

Our customers come from all sectors and sizes, from small companies and suppliers to international OEMs. No two MOTEC customers are the same - which is why our range of machines remains diverse and adaptable, offering an answer for every application.

Our vision
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